Season 8 Change LOG

LOG Season 8 2021 Greetings TeamLOG, We are here to announce a brand new Season8 Update. After regularly incoming attacks on server hostingAlso the hosting company is not ready to working with us due to this all issues. due to our server theirs other server is also crashing. We are Back With Another Season  with Lots… Read more »


Massive Update For server

A Massive Update Is Up On LeagueOfGamers” Ranks: Added Survival Ranks Updated Duels/Bed-wars Rank Added Claim blocks On Shop Page Duels/Practices: Added TheBridge Arena Selector Added Bot PVP Added Skywars Added Ranked/Unranked Matches Added Koth/Mlgrush/Minibedwars , etc Added Build UHC/Combo/Nobuff , etc Added Match Replay Feature For VIP. Added Custom Games/Tournament/event hosting for VIP or… Read more »