Season 8 Change LOG

LOG Season 8 2021

Greetings TeamLOG,

We are here to announce a brand new Season8 Update.

After regularly incoming attacks on server hostingAlso the hosting company is not ready to working with us due to this all issues. due to our server theirs other server is also crashing.

We are Back With Another Season  with Lots of Bug fixes And New Things.

So let’s not make it any longer and go straight to a full list of fixes and new features, since that’s what you all are interested in!…xD




🏦New! Common Changes.

– Added New Hub.

– Added New Spawn.

– Added New Ranks.


🛌 New! BedWars Changes.

– Added Private Games.

-Added Gen-Splitter For Iron And Gold.

– Added NewMaps In Quads And Trios.

          – SwashBuckle.

          – NightMare.

– Added VictoryDance.

– Added Kill Effects.

– Added BowTrail.

– Added Auras.

– Added DeathCry.


🕹️New! Arcade Changes.

– Added All Games Separate LeaderBoards.

– Added Extra Arenas In BombLobbers And TnT Tag.

💎New! OPSkyBlock Added

– Added Deep Caverns.

– Added The Barn.

– Added Bazaar.

– Added TheEnd.

– Added TheNether.

– Added Spider Den.

– Added Custom Mobs.

– Added Custom Bosses.

– Added Fast Travel.

– Added Custom Recipes.


👑 New!!! BattlePass.

– Added FreeBattlePass.

– Added PremiumBattlePass.

– Added Quests.

– Added Daily Quests.

– Added BattlePassRewards.

📝Misc. Updates & Changes

-Fixed Spawn Prot In TheBridge.

-Fixed BedWars Glitchs.

-Fixed TnT Jumping And FireBall Jumping.

-Fixed Duels.

-Fixed ScoreBoards.

-Added Ranks Showing On LeaderBoards.

-Fixed Hub Ranks .

-Fixed Npc Glitchs .

-Fixed Cosmetics .

-Added MysteryBoxes.

-Added MysteryBoxesCrafting.

We hope to see you in our updated Server soon.
If you have feedback or any suggestion, let us know we’d love to make this as good as we can.

-Team LOG

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