Be respectful and kind towards your fellow players! No harassment, discrimination, hate speech, or controversial discussions in chat.

No chat spam! The server is English & Hindi, for any other languages use DMs! Also, advertising or pasting external links that aren't related to the Minecraft server is prohibited.

No Hacking/Cheating! We follow a zero-tolerance policy for players trying to use X-Ray, Hacked Clients, Botting, or Cheating of any kind.

Don't Grief! Don't take advantage of the claim system to grief other players and ruin their fun. This includes lava-casting outside of claims or generally being disruptive towards another player's builds. Play nice!

Obey LoG-Mc Staff! The Log-Mc Staff team are there to help you when needed, but they will mute you from speaking on account of unwarranted behavior if needed

Discord necessary for this server for example voice chat , server update , server event , giveaway and many more

Exploitaion of bugs Is restricted & might result in a Ban, If you come around Any, Please report them to Moderators!